We're Kin, a workplace software company.

We help millions of employees make informed decisions about their future–from health and money, to careers and feedback.

Our flagship product for small businesses

Our flagship product, Kin HR, has been helping small companies around the world build better workplaces since 2013.

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Custom-built workplace software for the enterprise

We build custom software that helps companies with tens of thousands of employees communicate all the ways employees are compensated–from salary, to healthcare, to retirement savings.

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Who we are

Great workplaces inspire a whole lot more than good work; we believe they build better people and communities. Our team members are located throughout the U.S. and come to work each day right from their hometowns.

Ameer Mansur
Ameer Mansur System Administrator /
Data Protection Officer
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards Senior Software Engineer
Anthony Bruno
Anthony Bruno Product Lead, Small Business
Bennett Foster
Bennett Foster Software Engineer
Byron Custodio
Byron Custodio Software Engineer
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant Founder/CEO
Dee Byrne
Dee Byrne Director of People Operations
Gage Salzano
Gage Salzano Design Director
Grant Black
Grant Black Director of Technology
Melissa Benzo
Melissa Benzo Managing Director,
Small Business Workplaces
Molly Riordan
Molly Riordan Project Manager
Nicole Marino
Nicole Marino Software Engineer
Olurotimi A-Williams
Olurotimi A-Williams Front-end Developer
Terrence Jones
Terrence Jones Software Engineer
Tom Stanley
Tom Stanley Managing Director,
Enterprise Workplaces